• Violation Signal

Immediate contact with the Police First Responder line, the subscriber as well as the listed contact numbers. Simultaneously Spartan informs about the partition of protected premises was violated.

  • Fire Signal

The Fire Department, the subscriber as well as the listed contact numbers are immediately contacted provided that there has been installed a specialized fire detection system.

  • Personal Threat Signal

In emergency situations of personal threat where the alarm is set in silence Spartan receives a silent alarm signal and personal threat signal. At the same time authorities are informed for the extremely urgent emergency event.

  • Medical Emergency Signal

In case of urgent medical need of the subscriber by pressing a wireless special button the personal doctor the insurance company or a family person that the subscriber has given to the listed contacts are immediately informed. It is necessary that there is the right wireless button connected with the system.

  • System Low Battery Signal

In the event of System Low Battery Signal a technician is promptly notified for the immediate replacement. (Battery replacement costs are covered by the subscriber).

  • Power Failure Signal

In Power Failure Signal the subscriber is notified two hours after the signal has been received if there is no restoration before. Also the subscriber could be directly informed depending on each place peculiarity. The alarm system can operate autonomously with battery backup for approximately 10 - 12 hours without electrical power.

  • System Check Signal - Test

In the event of no signal is received, technician is automatically notified and all the necessary actions for immediate system recovery, due to a possible failure either of the system or of the telecommunication providers are carried out. Also the subscriber or the technician in charge has the option to be directly notified by SMS text message / Viber or any other text communication platform if the system is not receiving a 24hour check test signal, depending on the particularity of each secured place.


An innovative pioneering application exclusively from Spartan Security that confirms the accuracy of Central Station services. The subscriber enjoys a full online safe access at private information such as personal customer tab, details about alarm signals and his bills. As Spartan Security bind the unique of this service also spares different privileges to all of its subscribers.

Additional Services

Visual Verification Service

When there is a violation on the subscriber premises and therefore an alarm, the   operators via Video Verification Service have remote visual contact of your premises along with the alarm signal received.

The image they see live enables them to describe the incident in detail and take appropriate actions.  Video verification allows for reliable alarm identification and distinguishes if the violations are false due to e.g. misuses, weather, technical failure, etc. If there is an actual threat, such as armed robbery, vandalism, along with the exact number of perpetrators the point of entry and their actions.

GPRS Wireless Alarm Communication Service

Τhe use of GPRS technology bypasses landline connection by offering wireless and uninterrupted communication

The advantages of GPRS against the landline connection are:

  • Prevention of potential sabotage
  • Speed
  • Ability to connect protected tangible property with the Central Station

GPRS technology allows the use of Global Sim card cooperating with all the providers for a permanent signal reception.

Βusiness Working Hours Check

We notify you by a telephone call of possible:

  • Disarm delay at the start of working hours (opening)
  • Arming delay (reminder) at the end of working hours (closing)
  • Authorized user entry to your business (security level) at time besides working hours

Update for Arming/Disarming (On-Off)

We notify you by a telephone call about the arming and disarming times of the alarm system and by which user.

Notification Service by Text Message

Among the first - rated services Spartan Security offers is subscriber notification by text message to any mobile phone they choose and in any signals they wish, 24 hours a day.

Additionally subscribers can be immediately notified by text message for any violation in their working hours plan, user entry in non-working hours, delay in arming the security system or for any other default action requested by each subscriber.

Additional Information Service

The subscriber has the option to indicate more call notification service in addition to the basic that is requested in emergency signals.

By this service the obligation for an incident in the secured area is not completed just with the alert of the first contact number answering the call but is continued by the Central Station operator calling any phone number indicated by the subscriber. The service will be completed only when the operator at the time of the incident informed all the designated contact numbers.

Testing Information

Τhe subscriber chooses to receive a telephone notification in case the scheduled 24-hour test signal is not received. The subscriber receives a telephone alert to check the functionality of telephone line and performs a security system test to confirm the system is operating normally. Ιn this way the proper functioning of the security system is ensured.

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